4th of may


At our friends modo bookshop, Bologna we are giving an afternoon workshop on the various types of the monotype technique. Thanks to The good people at awagami paper, you will leave with a folder of your own artwork on beautifully handcrafted paper all the way from Japan! To book your spot: info@modoinfoshop.com



Dai nostri amici di Modo Infoshop terremo un pomeriggio dimostrando e lavorando con le diverse tecniche di monotipia. Grazie ai nostri partner di Awagami paper, i partecipanti riceveranno una cartella con differenti tipi di carta fatta a mano direttamente dal Giappone!




Thanks to the Shiritori press from Perth
To the Firestation print studio from Melbourne and Nico (Checkpoint Charly Art Studio) and Luca from uni to get this done!

Rules bother sometimes but they give us the right way !!